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To: DWE2 HQ/All Pilot Federation Commanders

From: Fuel Rats' Rescue Operations Center 

Effective: Immediately (until operation is suspended)


Notice (**with** SOP changes)

version 1.02

Paperwork Notes

For all rescues related to DWE2, all Rats are requested to include the text "DW2 Fuel" or "DWE2 Fuel" (for fuel related rescues) and "DW2 Repair" or "DWE2 Repair" (for repair cases, also include the client's starting hull % in the paperwork). Related means that the Rat(s) or client are part of DW2. If the case is both Fuel and Repair, only include "DW2 Fuel"


Distant Worlds Expedition 2 Logo and graphics by CMDR Qohen Leth

Hull Seal Logo by CMDR Drebin Omega


The following SOP changes are made for all rescues related to DWE2:

Open and Private Group Usage

Rescues can be completed in either open or one of the official DWE2 private groups at the discretion of the client and dispatch.  New members will not be added to those PGs in order to accomodate the rescue, so both the client and Rat(s) assigned must already be in the PGs.  The official PGs (and the owning CMDR name) are:

  • PC (Fleetcomm or DistantWorlds)
  • XBox (DistantworldsXB)
  • PS4 (Allcrowsareblack)

Private Group Usage

Private Group (PG) usage varies by platform. As of 11 January 3305 (2 days prior to launch), more than half of PS4 players are in the PG, while less than 20% of Xbox CMDRs are in the PG.

Repair Cases

Our normal SOP for Repair Cases (Hull/Canopy Repairs) will remain in place. 

  • Repairs that are not emergency cases and where we'd normally direct the client to the nearest station should be directed to the official DWE2 Fleet Mechanics (i.e. Hull Seals). 
    • If the client is already on the DWE2 Discord server, have them return to the DWE2 Discord and type !mechanic into the #repair-requests channel which will provide them the required instructions 
    • If the client is wishes to join the DWE2 Discord server, have them join the Fleetcomm Discord server and request help in #repair-requests channel, by typing !mechanic and following the instructions of the Fleet Mechanic/Hull Seal dispatcher.
    • If the client wishes to stay in IRC and Rats are already close by, continue the rescue in IRC.

Emergency repairs should be completed per SOP and PW filed per the updated SOP (above).


Drills can continue to be conducted during DWE2, as long as appropriate damsels (drilled Rats) are available.  In order to help protect the damsel from potential damage, they should maintain power to their thrusters, FSD and shields.  If/when Ratlings call "prep-", the seer or dispatch should acknowledge the call, but continue with the prep- state.

The above orders will remain in place until the event has concluded and the orders are terminated.



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