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Work In Progress

This is a work in progress. Please send me any information or links that should be included. This will be moved to a better space when it's ready.


"Community Spotlight: Kerenn and the Fuel Rats":
23 November 2016 - "The Most Helpful Pilots in the Galaxy":
5 January 2016 - "The Fuel Rats are Elite: Dangerous’ gas passing humanitarians":
26 October 2015 - "Ran out of fuel in Elite: Dangerous? Call the Fuel Rats":

May 2017 - "After a Run-In with the Fuel Rats":

Interviews (Audio)

(25 April 3302) Rat-umentary 1: Appointment At Fuelum:

(30 April 3302) Rat-umentary 2: Meet the Rats in ‘Person?’:

(26 April 3302) Rat-umentary Episode 3: Rat Rescue:


(15 January 3303) Alien Encounters:


(16 May 3302) Elite Episode 1 - CMDR Uvelius:

(15 January 3303) Elite Episode 3 - CMDR Calomiriel:


Frontier Developments

Education Ed Episode 1 - The Fuel Rats


Elite: Dangerous Search and Rescue with the Fuel Rats


Episode 492: Fuel Rat rescues Moonpir (Segment begins at 1:20:00)

CMDR Radlock

Fuel Rats: Case Red

Fuel Rats: My 200th Rescue

CMDR UncappingBadger

Fuel Rats - The Life of a Rat

CMDR Gridwolf

Fuel Rats make a Highly Unusual Rescue

CMDR ChoasWulff

Elite: Dangerous - Fuel Rats to the Rescue!

CMDR Termite Altair

The Zen of Fuel Limpets (w/ CMDR FightingCookie)

CMDR Uvelius Sång

The Fuel Rats: Ship build suggestions

The Fuel Rats: Tactical Face Plant tutorial


CMDR Hughmann

Hotel Dalgarno - An Elite: Dangerous Parody of Hotel California


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