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If instancing issues occur:

  1. Confirm that the client and rat(s) are in Open Play
  2. Confirm that in game text/voice chat works
    1. If text/voice chat doesn’t work in game, it’s an indication that instancing will be an issue.  A simple “test” text message can identify early on if instancing may be an issue and that additional steps and/or rats should be assigned to the case.
    2. If in game text/voice comms don’t work have the client and rat(s) close their game and restart the game
  3. Confirm the region of the client and rat(s)
    1. Instancing issues can often be attributed to players in different regions (especially with clients located in Australia or New Zealand).  If these issues persist, it’s best to assign a rat from the same region as the client.
  4. SC Hop
    1. This is where the client and the rat go to super cruise, nav-lock and fly towards each other hoping when they both drop they’re in the same instance.  The client will have to have fuel remaining and power up their thrusters and frame shift drive.
  5. Wingless
    1. This is where the rat(s) have dropped onto the clients beacon, and only see the beacon (no ship).  One rat remains in normal space at the location of the beacon, and the client logs out to the menu and logs back in.  Often, this causes the client to load into the same instance without requiring the need to wing.  When more than one rat are assigned to the case, one rat should remain in normal space, and the other rat(s) should go to SC and attempt to wing and drop on the beacon if the maneuver doesn’t work.  
  6. Manual Drop
    1. This consists of disabling nav-lock and flying to the wing beacon normally like you would going to a station.  This method is usually unsuccessful, but may still be worth attempting in certain circumstances.  This can also work when wing invites don’t work but the rat and client can see each other.
  7. Have a client’s friend or another rat, wing the rat(s) and client
    1. If instancing issues can’t be resolved with the previous steps and the client has another friend online, attempt to have that friend chain the rat(s) and client into a wing together
  8. If instancing issues can’t be fixed and the client has fuel, double check that there is indeed not a nearby system that the client can jump to with a station offering fuel services (and appropriate landing pad sizes).  Sometimes a client just missed a system.  Use or a similar site to locate the closest station with appropriate services.


Don’t Panic!

Occasionally during a rescue we come across players who try to stop us or destroy us. If this happens we usually form a private group with the client and fellow rats also on the case.  To form a private group you go to the main menu and select “FRIENDS AND PRIVATE GROUPS” and under the groups tab you can create a group. Once you have a group created you go back to the friends tab, select the client or fellow rat and click on “Invite”.  After you have a group set with the client and any fellow rats on the case with you, all you have to do is go to Start then Private Group. Now it’s just you, the client and any fellow rat that’s helping in the game and no griefers.