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As it might be beneficial for rats to know how to unlock systems, e.g. to perform rescues there, the relevant info from the forum-threat was condensed into a table.

Planets / Moons and regions of space without possibility to unlock yet were left out.

The info on this page derives from   new link:

Pilot's Federation 

Lia Fail


SOLFederationPetty Officer

Hand-crafted system, some good trade route destinations. 20% discount on the Eagle at Daedalus station. Two "palm tree" stations, (M.Gorbachev and Galileo).

BETA HYDRIFederationChief Petty OfficerEdmondson High Station has 10% discount on eagle. Black Mausoleum beautiful palm tree station is also present.
VEGAFederationChief Petty OfficerAccess to rare good (Vegan Slimeweed). Fort Dixon also reportedly has a palm tree station.
PLX 695FederationWarrant Officer

ROSS 128FederationEnsign
HORSFederationLieutenant Commander
4 SEXTANTISFederationn/aCurrently unclear if access can be gained.
CD-44 1695Federationn/aCurrently unclear if access can be gained.
LFT 509Federationn/aCurrently unclear if access can be gained.
MINGFUFederationn/aCurrently unclear if access can be gained.
HIP 54530Federationn/aCurrently unclear if access can be gained.
Note: Overall benefits of ranking up with Federation includes access to the Federal Dropship (FDS - Midshipman), Federal Gunship (FGS - Ensign), Federal Assault Ship (FAS - Chief Petty Officer) and the Federal Corvette (Rear Admiral).




Note: No special benefits known so far for Empire systems, but community goals have been known to occur in permit-locked systems. Benefits of ranking up with Empire includes access to the Clipper (Baron), the Cutter (Duke) and the Courier (Master).


SystemGovernmentRankBenefit and Reputation-Systems
ALIOTHAllianceAlioth Independents

Irkutsk station - ship discounts - Orca costs 38m (20% discount), Asp costs 5.3m (20% discount). Very beautiful and clean station, palms grow around docking bays. All minor factions belong to Alliance, easy to build up your Alliance rep.

Rep Systems: 78 Ursae Majoris, Alyuto, LP 131-66, Phekda, Sobek, Doris, Ethgreze, Hera, Holiacan, Mizar, Ross 112, Tacae


SystemGovernmentRankBenefit and Reputation-Systems
SHINRARTA DEZHRAIndependentElite status in Exploration, Trading or Combat10% Discount, access to rare good (Waters of Shintara), all ships and all modules available for sale.
CD-43 11917IndependentMust prestige on CQC at least once by getting to rank 50 and then resetting back to rank 1With access to Attilius Oribtal you'll be able to take advantage of a whole host of discounts, including 20% off certain ships such as the Fer-de-Lance and the Vulture, 50% off chaff and heatsink launchers, 30% off most small and medium weapons and more. Source:
TERRA MATERIndependentBrotherhood of Terra Mater

Access to rare good (Terra Mater Blood Bores)

Rep Systems: Hecate, LHS 137, Njunmin

JOTUNIndependentDukes of Jotun

Access to rare good (Juton Mookah)

Rep Systems: Djaujang, Caleta, Blanquichu, HIP 13750

SIRIUSIndependentSirius Corp

Decent outfitting, is the location of an engineer. Permit can only be obtained from Procyon, Luyten's Star and Avik.

Rep Systems: Avik, Procyon, Luyten's Star, Te Kaha, HIP 8396, Takurua, Almagest, Robigo, Sothis.

VAN MAANEN'S STARIndependentSublime Order of Van Maanen's StarRep Systems: Tau Ceti, YZ Ceti, Epsilon Eridani, IL Aquarii, TZ Arietis
LUYTEN 347-14IndependentLuyten 347-14 Prison ColonyRep Systems: LHS 3531, LHS449, Luyten 205-128, Stopover, Narenses, LHS 44
PEREGRINAIndependentPeregrina AristocratsRep Systems: HIP 18609, KAGUTSUCHI, HIP 19157
HODACKIndependentHodack Prison ColonyRep Systems: Amalangkan, Chuelchs, Solati, Delkar, Codorain, Dhathaarib
CROMIndependentCrom Silver BoysRep Systems: 69 G. Carinae, Herthe, Laifangyi, Bunuras, Un Naraya, Alpha Chamaelontis, LFT 568
LTT 198IndependentLTT 198 OrderRep Systems: Theta Sculptoris, Kigandan, Arngi, Tavgi
NASTRONDIndependentDefence Party of NastrondRep Systems: Wonorne Nu, Daruwutja
TILIALAIndependentConservatives of TilialaRep Systems: Varpet, Bedaho, Skardee, Akandinigua
PI MENSAEIndependentPi Mensae BrotherhoodRep Systems: Alpha Chamaelontis, Walgan, Mazahuanses
ISINORIndependentChapter of Isinor faction

"Convoy beacon" game play content. Basically there is a Type-9, escorted by two Federation security vessels (with no cargo) which holds resonating separators and a special good called "antiquities" in small and varying amounts. These special goods can be sold at any black market for roughly 90k depending on demand.

Rep Systems: Anotchadiae, Reshas, Chemaluk, LTT 5053, Parsaka

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