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The role of Dispatch is probably one of the most discussed and contested roles within the Mischief.  With dozens of threads on Reddit, forum posts, discussions in IRC, it's not only the hardest to identify a specific "how to dispatch" but it's often times our most trusted and responsible position during a rescue.  So what exactly is the role of the Dispatcher?  Are they a semi-hands off coordinator, a General commanding their troops or something else?

The role of dispatcher is primarily for experienced Rats to help manage and coordinate the chaos that can happen in #fuelrats during multiple rescues.  When there's one rescue in progress the role of Dispatcher is almost not needed, but when there's multiple cases and CRs going on the Dispatcher collects, analyzes and distills information while coordinating a rescue plan with the rats, and instructing the client of what actions they need to take, all the time weighing risks and decisions based on game mechanics and our SOP.

What Dispatch Is A:

  • Volunteer
    • Remember that dispatch is a volunteer position that requires a time commitment that may interfere with real life or any other number of activities in a Rat's life.  If someone picks up the hat when it's busy, be sure to say "thanks".  If someone asks for someone to take the hat and no one answers, it may just mean they're busy and can't commit the time.
      • Remember, anyone and everyone can and should !prep a client if there isn't a current dispatch
  • Communicator
    • Getting information to and from the client and rats while the others are busy 
    • They're the main "face" of the Mischief that the client sees and talks to until the limpet is fired
  • Planner
    • Working with the rats to develop a plan when rescues are non-standard
  • Partner
    • They're a partner in the rescue, working with the rats and client for a successful outcome
  • Facilitator
    • They help progress the rescue from step to step for a successful outcome
  • Trusting and Respectful of Rats
    • As you want to be trusted and respected to do the job of dispatcher, you need to trust and respect the Rats working with you to do their job 
  • Respectful of Other Dispatchers
    • Be respectful of your other dispatchers.  Everyone will do things in a different way.  Some dispatchers like to role play and have fun with clients, some dispatcher like the more regimented military approach. There's nothing wrong with either approach.  

What Dispatch Isn't:

  • All Controlling
    • Dispatch gets their "authority" from the respect of the Rats in #fuelrats, not from an edict of authority
  • Infallible
    • Everyone can make a mistake
    • Every dispatch does things a little differently, keep that in mind when stating your preferences to Rats
    • There's lots of information and conversations going on at one time.  Information can be easily missed, it doesn't mean that someone is intentionally ignoring you.  Nicely repeat your question or call for jumps.  Remember, there's likely to be a time where you miss someone's call for jumps or question during busy times.
  • All knowing
    • There's no possible way for someone who can only see IRC to know everything that's going on with specific cases.  They certainly can and should be questioned about what's going on.  If a Rat questions an instruction, remember they have a different perspective of events unfolding in the case, than dispatch does.
    • Everyone has different experiences and knowledge.  Odds are, what may be a new situation for you, can be something that another Rat/Dispatch has been through before
  • Quality Control
    • Making sure others are following SOP is the role of the Overseers and Janitors.  If someone isn't following SOP, mention it to them, but don't argue with Rats about something (odds are you both may be right).  This is especially important for new Rats that just want to learn and could use a helpful word or two
  • Creator of SOP
    • All dispatches have their own preferences on things (case names vs. numbers), but if someone is written in SOP (knowing the intent of something) then it should be acceptable.  You'll still find some rats saying things like "got friend" or "in wing" on rescues, it's perfectly fine (smile)

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  1. I think this adequately covers all facets of dispatching that we regularly see in our rescue channel.

    Perhaps there should be an anecdote reminding people that our work is entirely voluntary. I've seen some instances in which users become frustrated by others not picking up the hat as a case comes in, and I don't think that's fair to let that expectation perpetuate. People seem to lose perspective on this from time to time.

    1. Added to the "Dispatch Is A" part

  2. Agreed, I think this covers it quite well.

    I personally think Trusting and Respectful could be expanded to include respect for other dispatches when they are performing their roles.

    1. Added a Respectful of Other Dispatchers section and an item under Infallible