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The Fuel Rats recognize that streaming and recording of game activities are of interest to many CMDRs.  In order to maintain the privacy of our clients, Rats and guests as well as maintain our ethos the following Guidelines have been issued

The Fuel Rats have our own Twitch account and are willing to host streams that are Fuel rat related or events in which The Fuel Rats have a role.  Please notify CrunchyBaton955 if you wish to be hosted.

These guidelines are mandatory for any hosting from our Twitch account and strongly recommended for any streaming that implies that the streamer is a Fuel Rat, involved in rescues, training or other related Fuel Rat activity.

Please keep in mind that while you are streaming any rescue or Rats related information, you may be seen as representing The Fuel Rats as a whole and you should take this into account. 


  1. Follow the Fuel Rats Terms of Service ( and Code of Conduct (
  2. Do not stream or record any of our IRC channels 
  3. Do not stream or record the Dispatch Web Board or other Fuel Rats tools
  4. Please insert a REC or LIVE tag into you name. e.g Nickname[PC|REC] or Nickname[PC|Live] so that dispatch is aware that you're streaming when being assigned to rescues
  5. Consider conducting any rescues that you attend in a private group. This is to avoid stream sniping of us and our clients
  6. Adhere to all the Twitch (or applicable streaming service) rules and guidelines
  7. At no point should the main purpose of your stream be combat focused. (it’s OK to brush aside an NPC but the Fuel Rats only fight if interfered with or attacked).  In other words, only open fire in self defense, and only against NPCs
  8. Conspiring to attack other player groups is not allowed
  9. Don’t be an asshat 

Please direct any questions/comments to your nearest Janitor.

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