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From time to time, there comes a need to notify other Rats of what's going on.  We all know about a Ratsignal and what means, but are you aware of:

OPSIGNAL - Sometimes things just go wrong and someone needs to step in (or a hammer needs to be swung).  If you need to get a Janitor's attention for any reason, type this along with any relevant information (i.e. look at #ratchat, attack in #fuelrats, etc.).  The IRC's spamfilter will block the message from being sent, but notify the Janitor's of your message.  This can be used in any channel or private message.

HATSIGNAL - Hatsignal is a term used to notify other Rats that a dispatch is needed.  It should only be used after a client is !prep'd (which every drilled rat should and can do).

PC_SIGNAL - pc_signal is a term used by Dispatchers and Mechasqueak to notify other rats in the PC universe there is a rescue that needs a couple extra tails.

TECHSIGNAL - This is perhaps the most confusing of all signals.  If you have a serious (something is on fire) problem that can't be resolved by submitting a helpdesk ticket ( and that isn't related to ongoing maintenance or other related system work ( then light this signal to notify the Techrats.  Also, note that TECHRAT is another highlight that will notify the masters of all things technology related, and bring with it squeaks and questions about what's on fire (see above).  Use either of these with caution at your own peril.

CATSIGNAL - Cats are the notoriously sneaky and misbehaving arch enemies of Rats everywhere.  A catsignal used to be a term used to notify Janitors of an ambush or other rescue related attack on Rats.  It's no longer necessary to use this and any case where this would be appropriate should be an OPSIGNAL.