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<&RatMama[BOT]> Incoming Client: <Client>- System: Eravate - Platform: PC - O2: OK - Language: English (en-GB) - IRC Nickname: <Client>
<%MechaSqueak[BOT]> RATSIGNAL - CMDR <Client>- System: Eravate - Platform: PC - O2: OK - Language: English (en-GB)  - IRC Nickname: <Client> (Case #7)
Ratsignal Eravate PC
(“Ratsignal” is a codeword that triggers an alarm in most of our IRC programs.  Most of our clients arrive through our web form, which makes MechaSqueak automatically trigger a ratsignal. It also includes a check on whether the client is on emergency O2.)

<Dispatch>    !prep Client    
(Bot command that gives instructions on how to prepare to be rescued.)

<%MechaSqueak[BOT]>  <Client> Please drop from super cruise, come to a complete stop and disable all modules EXCEPT life support

<Client>    ok done

<Rat1>    1j    (1 jump away and available to rescue.)

<Rat2>    3j    (3 jumps away and available to rescue.)

<Rat3>    15j    (15 jumps away and available to rescue.)

<Dispatch>    !go 7 Rat1 Rat2
(Usually if you call jumps, you start going before the dispatcher tells you; not all dispatchers will tell you to go. Depending on the current case load, Dispatch might assign you to the rescue alone, if it is not a code red, or they might assign two or even three rats, if it's <redacted>.)

<%MechaSqueak[BOT]> <Client>: Please add the following rat(s) to your friends list: rat1, rat2

<Dispatch>    stand down Rat3
(Dispatch indicating Rat3 should not go, likely because Rat1 and Rat2 are much closer.)

<Rat1>    rgr

<Rat2>    omw

<Dispatch>    !pcfr Client

<%MechaSqueak[BOT]>    Client: To send a friend request, go to the menu (Hit ESC), click friends and private groups, and click ADD FRIEND.
(The client ALWAYS initiates the friend request.  Only in exceptional cases should the rat send the friend request.)<Rat1>    in sys

<Client>    done

<Rat2>    fr+ 1j
(Confirming receipt and acceptance of the friend request and updating on location.  If they hadn’t yet received a request, they would write FR- (Friend Request negative) instead.)

<Rat1>    fr+

<Dispatch>    <Client> now please send them a wing invite.

<Dispatch>    !pcwing Client

<%MechaSqueak[BOT]>   Client: To send a wing request, go to the comms panel (Default key 2), hit ESC to get out of the chat box, and move to the second panel (Default key E). Then select the CMDR you want to invite to your wing and select Invite to wing.

<Client>    ok sent

<Rat1>    wr+    (Confirming that they’re in the wing.  Like friend requests, WR- would indicate no wing request yet.)

<Rat2>    wr+

<Dispatch>    Client now please drop your wing beacon.

<Dispatch>    !pcbeacon Client

<%MechaSqueak[BOT]>    Client: To drop a wing beacon, go to the right-side panel (Default key 4), navigate to the functions screen (Default key Q), select BEACON and set it to WING

<Client>    beacon set
(We need a wing beacon so we can find the client in the system.)

<Dispatch>    Thanks Client

<Rat1>    bc+    (Confirming they can see the beacon and en route.)

<Rat2>    bc+    

(In some cases, the client can be a considerable distance away from the main star. In these cases, it is preferable to report the distance to the beacon, so Dispatch can judge whether it's best to log the client out while you travel to them. Especially if they tried to supercruise to the next system over and are 20,000ls+ away.)

<Dispatch>    Thanks, if you see that blue timer pop up let me know right away.

<Rat1>    instance-

<Dispatch>    rgr Rat1 try a manual drop.
(Sometimes, we have issues getting into the same instance as a client.  This is where sending multiple rats on one rescue can help, as we have more chances to instance successfully with the client. It also helps to ensure that you are set up for direct port forwarding.)

<Rat2>    visual on Client

<Rat2>    refueling
(After dropping from supercruise, Rat2 could actually see the client, and confirmed that they’ve sent fuel to the client and received the "Fuel Transfer Complete" message. It’s important to confirm when the fuel transfer is completed, rather than it when it starts — mishaps can and do occur in the time between the limpet is launched and when it reports Fuel Transfer Complete. Refueling, fueling, refueled, fueled, fuel+ or any other variation of fuel should only be used upon success of the first limpet. It shouldn't be used if the rat is fuel scooping or for any other reason than successful refueling of a client)

<Dispatch>    Great work guys, db&pw when ready.

 <Dispatch>    !clear Client Rat2
(Friendly reminder to debrief (db) and do rescue paperwork (pw), and completing the rescue from the dispatcher’s point of view.  Rat2 got the first limpet across, so they’re responsible for this. By tagging the successful rat in the !)