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titleNotable Rescues

titleThe First Rescue

 - CMDR Kancro Vantas


1st Potential Customer

I received this private email 7 hrs ago, while I was asleep. 


Can you help me out with some fuel in a Core system? I saw you mentioned you are spending some time in the urban space.

Just upgraded to Python and made a classic mistake spending all money on cargo forgot to refuel and jumping into a system without stations. No fuel scoop but no scoopable star anyway.
And most important No money to pay the insurance :-(

It might be a problem that I tried to fly to my end destination Gliese 868 but found out I cannot reach that place. I only have a quarter of internal fuel tank left. I'm .18 LY from the start

Can you place help me? I will loose weeks of grinding for the Pyhton :-S

Kind Regards,


Replied saying that I wasnt back yet but that other rats could help and that he should come to the forum for help. 

Stay tuned.

 - CMDR Surly Badger

I'm 1000ly out and could get to him later tonight; I've got stuff going on today that'd keep me from reaching him. Anyone in-core?

If nobody else can do it, I can be there with Longshot late tonight.

Edit: Servers down.

Robinjb contributed this:

(He repurposed a pose, etc, from Banksy, which is highly amusing really)

 - CMDR Kuif

Well as Kancro Vantas already mentioned I'm desperate for fuel in the Core system (close to Gliese 868).

It's embarrassing to say but after long grinding for the Python I upgraded yesterday and outfitted the Python for trading. Because I needed more credits to get my hold full I downgraded the FSD to a A6 to B6 and forgot to refuel the tanks and I noticed the empty fuel tank to late. Also cannot remember the "Out of fuel" warning. I do not have enough credits for insurance so basically without a refuel I'm fracked :-(

One more problem is that I tried flying to the system I was going yesterday so I'm 0.18 LY from the star from the system I jumped into and I have something like a quarter of fuel in the internal tank left.
Guess I can continue for 15/30 minutes in game. Also I was solo mode, not sure if that is a problem (was mentioned somewhere in this thread).

My CMDR name is also Kuif

 - CMDR Kancro Vantas

CMDR Kuif, 

Please state what system exactly you are? 
What's the size of tank you have? 
how far is the closest station you need to reach for full re-fuel? (in other words, what's the length of jump you need to safety?)
what is your time zone? 
what time would you be able to log in for the operation?

 - CMDR Kuif

Exact system I do not know yet (cannot get in the game right now)
Closest station is Gliese 868 which is around 8,4 LY away
Time zone (CET, Amsterdam/Paris timezone)
Time I'm not sure yet but I guess tonight at 10-11 PM CET

 - CMDR Anuranium

I am standing by in Gliese 868 with a special custom build. I don't know what CET timezone is... (Central Empire Time?), I prefer to use GMT since that's what the stations and galmap usually display 

 - CMDR Anuranium

Made up-link with distress caller. Currently traveling at 1400C, but the object is still 0.15LY away. 
Will update upon arrival.


 - CMDR Anuranium

Fuel transfer complete. Mission accomplished (CORE SYS SECTOR FW-N a6-1).

Video documentation:

Python Rescue

Time from distress call reaching Fuel Rats upon finished rescue: 5h 30mins (est)
Drones used: 23
Customers satisfied: 1

Lessons learned:
- Ask customer first how far he/she is from entry point, this to avoid potential (huge) wear and tear cost.
- Thank you Alex Brentnall for your foresight (Hutton Orbital reference)
- Calming and soothing words really help to calm a panicking customer. A professional approach is to be recommended for all fuel rats.
- There is no such thing as too many limpets.

titleOperation Neospike

From Surly:

Neospike got stranded 2800ly from the bubble, and was down to nearly no air. Worse of all, he had a broken fuel scoop! (huge damage from a stellar encounter)   Domaq managed to get him fuel in an epic run and saved his life. Then a handful of other rats made a bucket brigade of limpets – over 500 – and he got back to civilization in safety.

My role in all this was very minor. I got in MV Longshot and jumped out 2000ly or so and refuelled Neospike once. Then he had to log off for the evening, and the rescue was completed by other rats the next day. So I went a really long way to deliver one top-up.

titleOperation Kylo


titleOur First Set of Instructions

 - CMDR Surly Badger

We need a poster version like a railway warning:

- Remain with your vehicle
- Stay calm
- Reduce your breathing and food consumption
- Call the Fuel Rats
- Praying is optional
- The penalty for loitering is death


- CMDR Murishani


 CMDR Kerenn

I don't know if this has been mentioned before on these here forums But I looked for an in-game "Fuel Rats" faction as there are "HIP xxxx Rats" ones, and found that if you look for a system called "Fuel" you'll find one called "FUELUM". It has a "FUELUM CREW" faction, which is kind of nice. I personally use it as a nest.
Do the systems you scouted have Anacondas ? That's what I'm vying for as a rat ship after my Asp.
Also, for Diamondback I don't think you can top Wolf 406 and it's forever 20% discount.

BTW congratulations on your rescues !