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Below you will find a list of common terms we use in standard rescue operations. It's important to note that you are not limited by these common terms when talking in #FuelRats, and you're free to communicate in a way that is most comfortable to you.

Be aware of your language!

Are you sure your callouts make sense? Ambiguity in communication is the #2 client killer (it's true*)! Avoid using language that could be interpreted different ways or considered a typo. (EG: use "Wr+" or "in wing" instead of just "wing")

Abbreviations often used during rescue operations:

  • BC (Beacon) The beacon fitted to all ships which can be enabled to enable your wing mates to drop on it.
    • BC+: The rats now sees the clients beacon and is on their way to dropping into the clients instance for refueling.
    • BC-: The rat doesn’t see the client beacon
  • CR (Case Red / Code Red) An alert where the client has lost power to life support and the clock is counting down on their oxygen depletion timer
  • DB (Debrief) When a rat has refueled the client, they do a debriefing with them, that is inform the client how to avoid running out of fuel in the future.
  • DC (Disconnected) Abbreviation used in #FuelRats. Got kicked out of the game, either to Main Menu or out of the whole game
  • EZ (Exclusion Zone) The area around a stellar body where your ship is automatically dropped to normal space to avoid crashing into the stellar body.  A client in EZ prevents instancing with them through navlock and requires them to SC Hop away or a Tactical Face Plant (usually just on CR's).
  • FR (Friend Request) The first step of a rescue, the client adds the rat ingame.
    • FR+ or "FR received" reported when request from client is received and accepted.
    • FR- Can be used to let dispatch know the request didn't get through, or client neglected to send it (after appropriate time has passed)
  • FUEL / Refueling Report that tells dispatch that at least the first limpet fired has completed it's fuel transfer (giving you the onscreen confirmation of such) Reported either as "Fuel+" or "Refueling".
  • INST (Instancing) The efforts to establish a Peer-to-Peer connection with a client. If attempts fail, “no instancing,” is specified and workarounds begin to be used in order to resolve the connection issue.
    • INST+ Optionally reported on dropping on clients beacon and in instance with client
    • INST- Reported if dropped on beacon, but not seeing clients ship 
  • J (Jumps) Called by Rats responding to a rescue call in order to determine who is closest to support (e.g. 2j, restock + 1j, etc.)
  • MM (Main Menu) Often used like "client in mm" during CR rescues.
  • OMW On My Way
  • PW (Paperwork) When a rat has completed a rescue, they file/edit the case, called "paperwork" provided by the bot.
  • Party Xbox voice communications which is separate with the game itself. Often reported as Party+
  • PREP Can be reported to alert dispatch that clients shields are still up after getting in wing.
    • PREP- client didn't comply with module-shutdown.
    • PREP+ client has now complied with instructions after PREP- was reported.
  • POS (Position) used on CR cases as "POS+" when reaches a given in-system position, for example 1000ls from a named station, to let dispatch know you are holding there ready for client to log in.
  • RTB (Return to Base), associated either with a Rat standing down from a rescue case or needing to re-arm with limpets before returning to standby status.
  • RGR (Roger) A rat will use this to show he acknowledges the information/request/command. Sometimes you may see COPY or ACK - same thing.
  • SC HOP (Supercruise Hop) A technique used to resolve instancing the client powers up their thrusters and frameshift drive, enters supercruise for 5-10 seconds away from any stellar bodies while the rat(s) wait in SC to confirm positive instancing - or simply to get client away from EZ of a planet/star.
  • STBY (Standby) A Rat is ready and available to be assigned to a case or to receive further information
  • STDN (Stand down)  A Rat is discontinuing support of an active case
  • SYS (System) When a rat has arrived in the client’s system, a report of “sys+” to dispatch is made
  • SYSCONF Can optionally be reported once a clients reported system has been verified correct on the Galmap (clients green friend icon shown being there)
  • TFP (Tactical Face Plant) The technique of manually flying into the Exclusion Zone to achieve instancing with a client.  Requires practice!
  • WR / WG (Wing Request) The second step of a rescue, the client invites the Rat
    • A response to a wing request may be “WR Received” or even more simply “WR+”, or if sufficient time has passed and the request hasn’t been received “WR-“

Other or more general abbreviations & terminology:

  • Bubble, The Civilized space (refer to the Powerplay view of the galaxy map for a rough illustration)
  • Client The person we are serving fuel
  • Dispatch The rat who is coordinating activity on #FuelRats.  Also known as Spatch or The Hat.
  • Hat, The Symbolic identifier for the Dispatch, usually denoted by their incorporating “Dispatch” into their username temporarily in order to, “don the Hat.” Quite frequently tossed into the air after a hectic session of dispatching.
  • Hatsignal is a term used to notify other Rats that a dispatch is needed.  It should only be used after a client is !prep'd (which every drilled rat should and can do).
  • Epic Rescue Any rescue nominated by another rat for it's sheer epic awesomeness will reward the rat with Laurels for their roundel ( !  Any rescue requiring more than 10,000Ly travel to the client is automatically considered epic but still requires a nomination.
  • LRR (Long Range Rescue/Refuel) Any rescue where the client is more than 1000ly from human space
  • Mischief, The Did you know that the collective noun for Rat is “Mischief”?
  • ND - "Needs Drill", A tag seen on newer rats, who think they are ready for a drill.
  • PSRat or PSCase - A PS4 Rat or PS4 case, because the alternative wasn't very nice.
  • Ratsignal Alert!  A client needs fuel, man your ship and call your jumps! Never say this in the rescue channel unless you are stranded without fuel.
  • Roundel How to display all of your ratting accomplishments!
  • XRat or XCase - An Xbox Rat or Xbox case, because we love our terminology.
  • Drillsignal is used by drillclients as a replacement for "ratsignal" during a drill. (Not used to find seers)

*There is no statistical evidence to definitively prove that miscommunication is a leading cause of failed rescues.


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