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In Progress

This guide is in progress and is potentially incorrect and subject to change. Please contact CrunchyBaton955 if you have suggestions or comments to improve it.

If in doubt and a situation isn't on this guide, follow the same troubleshooting as for Xbox.


PS4 and PC instancing issues work the same while on rescues, once the PS4 specific settings issues are resolved


The friend system on PS4 works the same as PC, where a request is sent an accepted.  Sending reverse friend requests like on Xbox is not required and PS4 friend requests should follow standard SOP (i.e. don't send friend requests).  


PSN Friends

All PSN games use the same friend system, managed through the PlayStation Network. For most PS4 players, they're already familiar with how to send a friend invite. Unless they're a brand new PS4 player it isn't necessary to give them instructions on how to send a friend invite.

PS4 Specific Terminology

PSN Party Chat (party+) - An app integrated into PS4 that is separate from any game and allows voice chat for up to 16 players.  Because the app is integrated into PS4 it doesn’t require any players to be in a game.  It is separate from any in game comms and is not an indicator of connectivity between the rat and client, nor does it affect instancing in game.  It’s not required to start an PS4 party, and is at the discretion of the rat and client to use a party for comms.  The benefit to an PS4 party is that there can be voice comms with the client allowing for quicker responses, and every PS4 ships with a headset so communication is possible more often than not.


PS4 Troubleshooting



Rat and/or Client Name Not Showing on Comms Panel or Comms not Being Sent/Received


Possible Causes

What to Confirm

Possible Solution


Delay in updating comms panel

Wait approximatley 30-60 seconds for the comms panel to updateGo to menu > Friends and Private Groups and hit ESC to refresh the friends list
 If the client is CR and the comms panel doesn't update, a chain wing with another rat or friend of the client may be needed.
 If the client isn't CR, have them SC Hop and wing from local. This will avoid the friend/wing issues.



Rat Can’t Instance with Client


Possible Causes

What to Confirm

Possible Solution


General Instancing


Follow standard instancing SOP: SC Hop, Manual, wingless, chain winging, Assign Additional Rats as appropriate. Often after checking for the common issues on PS4 and everything is good - a console restart for both rats and client can help.

2NAT TypeSettings > Network > View Connection Status, NAT Type is Type 1 or Type 2NAT Type 1 (Open)
NAT Type 2 (Moderate) - Typically no issues are seen using this NAT Type
NAT Type 3 (Strict)
Client and/or rats with moderate/strict NAT Type hard reboot their PS4 including pulling the cord for 10 seconds
Client and/or rats reconfigure their router for port forwarding or place the PS4 in the DMZ


Less Common Issues



Possible Causes

What to Confirm

Possible Solution

Client is using a Child's account1Client is a childAge of client and Online and Privacy SettingsHave the client's parent change their account settings to Adult Default for the rescue and back to Child settings afterwards

Client can not log into Open play


Client does not have PSN Plus account

Client has an PSN+ Account

Have client obtain a trial membership or purchase a membership


Client is banned from PSN

Confirm if client has a PSN Account Ban

Nothing can be done until the ban is lifted


  1. For: Rat and/or Client Name Not Showing on Comms Panel or Comms not Being Sent/Received - Step 1,

    <+KumaKenji> Argonides[PS4]: usually, on PS, after a FR+, go to the menu -> social and navigate back and forth between groups and friends. This makes ED update the friend list

    I've found the above works to perfection! also it means you can see from one place when they are really fr+ and ready for next step, or if perhaps there is something else (other than PSN delay) going on.

  2. Adding to the above, on CR cases I've had the client go to Social from the main menu and check they can see the rats (and check the rats can see the client in the comms panel) before GO GO GO. I'm not sure if it's strictly necessary, but the last thing a client needs when trying to find wing in a panic is to not be able to see the rats (sad)