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Standard Operating Procedures are ways of doing things that we have found to be the (currently) best and most efficient way of doing what we do. SOPs are one of the few places where the Fuel Rats Mischief is somewhat rigid in how we do stuff; primarily because NOT doing things according to the SOP risks our clients' lives. We have the ability to experiment outside of the rescues, and if we think that something is being done in a less than optimal way, we can attempt to refine our process there.

However, when the SOP is not working, thinking outside the box is encouraged. But the SOP should always be your first recourse before other things are tried.

General Rat SOP

These are for all Rats

Dispatch SOP

These are for dispatchers


The SOP sit in that strange grey zone between rules and guidelines. If you are unsure on whether you should strictly follow SOP, or if you can deviate from them, read The scope of SOP