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This unofficial training can be especially useful for Ratlings before their drill, but in no way should make them feel pressured to complete their drill before they're ready.  As always, this training is 100% optional and voluntary. This training is not required in order to rat or dispatch. Please see Training SOP for a detailed explanation and lists of possible training scenarios.

While we have a lot of information written down and watching rescues in #fuelrats provides valuable knowledge, nothing beats hands on experience.  This experience can be gained on live rescues, or in a controlled environment where situations can range from standard rescues to any situation that we can think of.  This hands-on experience is useful for Ratlings and experienced Rats alike.  

A number of rats have volunteered to help provide training from basic rat/dispatch skills to more advanced skills like TFPs.  If you see any of the Rats named below in chat, and are interested in the training feel free to reach out to them for some organized practice.   

The training should be focused on teaching just like formal drills.  Extreme role-playing or "noobishness" shouldn't be a part of the training for any new recruits.

Feel free to experiment with new or different procedures, try out new ships or any scenarios that you want.

Just like a drill, #drillrats or #drillrats2 etc. can be used.  There is no need for an overseer to be involved with training.

Anyone interested in volunteering to offer training, contact Anja324.

Rat Training

This training is intended to cover basic ratting skills to prepare you for your drill or to add to your knowledge with advanced topics.

Basic Topics:

Rescue Standard Operating Procedures

What to expect on your drill

CR Rescues

  • Long distance SC (getting distance and bearing)
Advanced Topics:


Other Non-Standard Rescues


Other References:

Issues During Rescues

Special Rescue Scenarios

Rats to Contact:


NivisOwl (PC)

Razor16251 (PC, Xbox)

Demolidor293 (PC)

Xman31 (PC)

Chris_W (PC)

Veristhea (PC)

Overhill / Overhill3303 (PC, PS4)

Sir_Knightingale (PC)

Rik079 (PC)

Daoud_al_Zarq (PC)

Anja324 / Anja (PC, PS4)

Termite Altair (PC)

Yujo Kameida (PC)

jerryclark (PC)

Worthy Alpaca (PC)

Shatt (PC)

Bobby_Darin (PC)

Noob Van Noob (PC)

Atrien (PC)

CorporalBroom57 (PC, Xbox)

SirToby (PC, PS4)

SharpVTC_Dinos (PC)

Janara / SwordDancer (PC)


SFC Stamets (Xbox)

XN3RDXCAK3X (Xbox)A_Cheesy_Potato (Xbox)

Razor16251 (PC, Xbox)CorporalBroom57 (PC, Xbox)

Deadstar106 (Xbox)

SilentPhoenix05 (Xbox)


SirToby (PC, PS4)

Overhill / Overhill3303 (PC, PS4)

Wynurzony (PS4)

Anja324 / Anja (PC, PS4)

The-DemonWolf (PS4)

Dispatch Training

This training is geared towards developing drilled rats into the role of dispatching.  Use of MechaSqueak, dispatching multiple cases, dealing with issues during rescues and special rescue cases are all topics.

Basic Topics:

Dispatch SOP

Mecha Interaction - For Dispatchers


Advanced Topics:

Planetary CRs

PC and Xbox troubleshooting

CR Rescues at/near stations

Other References:

Issues During Rescues

Xbox Troubleshooting

Special Rescue Scenarios

Rats to Contact: (Platform is less important here)

Noob Van Noob








Anja324 / Anja



Termite Altair

Yujo Kameida








TFP - Tactical Face Plant

This training covers the very specific case of a client who has gone CR in the exclusion zone of a stellar body. These sessions may be announced in #ratchat now and then, or you can try asking one of the trainers yourself.

Rats to Contact :


Jindrolim (PC)

LittleFool / L1ttleFool (PC, Xbox)

Xman31 (PC)

Sir_Knightingale (PC)

Daoud_al_Zarq (PC) 

Chris_W (PC)

Veristhea (PC)

Termite Altair (PC)

Vanya_Pavlovich (PC)

Jerryclark (PC)

Overhill (PC)

NoobVanNoob (PC)

Atrien (PC)CorporalBroom57 (PC, Xbox)


LittleFool / L1ttleFool (PC, Xbox)


A_Cheesy_Potato (Xbox)

Sly Killer 9136 (Xbox)CorporalBroom57 (PC, Xbox)

Deadstar106 (Xbox)


Overhill (PS4)

SirToby (PC|PS4)

Wynurzony (PS4)

The-DemonWolf (PS4)