Welcome Commander

It appears you are looking to join The Fuel Rats.  (Yay!)

We are glad that you are interested in joining our ranks. A Rat’s life full of excitement, narrow rescues, happy clients, zooming fuel limpets, other rats cursing on instancing, a lot of general squeaking and adrenaline awaits you!

Well we have a six-step process for you to join us. Follow all the steps below and you soon will be at maximum awesome and able to go and rescue commanders from the vastness of space with all the class and style of a glorious Fuel Rat.

Welcome to the Mischief!

Rattatoon for The FuelRats

"Questions are like fuel limpets. They're useless if you keep them for yourself" - CMDR Lain Steiner (Feb 3304)

Step 1 - Register

It takes a special kind of CMDR to want to be a Fuel Rat. Fuel Rats fight against the galaxy’s greatest foes: Time, instancing, distance, and the countdown as a clients life-support depletes.

We need CMDRs who are enthusiastic, disciplined, and willing to go way above and beyond the normal call of duty.

If we can in any way possible save a client, we will.

Because of both U.S. and EU law requirements we're not allowed to register members under the age of 13 years - If you don't meet the age requirement we must ask you to wait with signup until you do.

If you’re our kind of CMDR, we’ll welcome your assistance.

Before you sign up, think about whether you’re willing to:

  • Cooperate as part of a team, to do great things
  • Lead when leadership is needed
  • Follow when following is the right thing to do
  • Do whatever it takes to rescue clients
  • Generally be a cheerful, funny, helpful Fuelrat.
  • Fuelrats are strictly non-PVP while on rescues.

If you haven't already made an account, click here:  Sign up and get your name on our roster

If you change your CMDR name or gamertag, or setup another account to play on, do NOT register again. You can change it on your Fuel Rats profile

Step 2 - Setup IRC

All our rescues are carried out on our IRC channels.

#FuelRats channel is for rescue operations only. This is where you will be performing rescues, and communicating with the dispatcher.

  #RatChat channel is our casual (but still ratty) chat. This is where you will find everyone relaxing and hanging out.

(Be aware #ratchat is sometimes used as a "backroom" to #fuelrats, and some rescue related chatter can bleed into it. It's best to leave those who are partaking in this kind of talk alone, unless you're directly involved yourself.)

Join our IRC channels via our website or via an IRC client.  CLICK HERE (Yes, this link is important)

  • Our primary IRC channels are #ratchat and #fuelrats.  You can access them by typing /join #ratchat and /join #fuelrats.
  • Be sure to regularly check the channel topic in #ratchat for important information.  This can be accessed by typing /topic.

Setting up an account and joining our IRC channels also requires you to comply with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service (ToS): http://t.fuelr.at/tos

Privacy Policy: http://t.fuelr.at/privacy

Step 3 - Outfit Your Ship

Your ship is your key to a successful rescue. Get it wrong and you could be left staring at the client and watching them blow up in your face. No one wants this so when you outfit your ship make it the best you can. We have a few ship load-outs already tested and prepared. Or you can go and create one of you own. To see examples on how to outfit your ship CLICK HERE

Step 4 - Learn the SOP

We have gathered a lot of knowledge over time and have a bank of knowledge we would like to impart to you. Please read the pages carefully.

We recommend that each new rat to go through a drill (regardless of experience with the game) so that we can ensure that your can go out there and save our clients with minimal effort, risk to life and while being the bad ass we all know you can be!

Here are some links that give you all the information you will need about The Fuel Rats. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

A Not-So-Brief Guide to Being a Fuel Rat

The Fuel Rats Lexicon

Issues and How To Solve Them

Wing Mechanics Tutorial

Xbox Troubleshooting

PS4 Troubleshooting

Step 5 (optional) - Connect With Us On Social Media and Be Alerted

Step 6 - Get drilled / demonstrate Your Knowledge

Drills are not mandatory but they are highly advised. Each dispatcher chooses whether or to send an un-drilled Rat on a rescue and can decline to dispatch you to the client. Not to mention that if you get it wrong we may have to say "we told you so".

Once you feel ready for it (read the website information and at least watch a couple of live rescues go on, so you have a good idea of the procedure and reporting) - then file a drill request using the link below.  What to expect on your drill?

To file a request for a drill:

  1. Sign in to our ticket system HERE (Click "allow" when prompted to give "FuelRats Jira" access to your account. If you are not signed into fuelrats.com already, you will see a login prompt first. Use your regular fuelrats.com login for this.)
  2. File a drill request HERE


  • You won't receive an acknowledgement that your drill is scheduled. It's still up to you to find an Overseer in IRC to organize your drill.
  • If a link to request a drill doesn't appear via the link above, just type "drill" in the search box, and select the appropriate type of drill that you're looking for.  
  • This is our general Service Desk which can also be used for issues with the API, BOTs, and pretty much anything. You can also find a link to it under the "Rat Links" section of the main website sidebar.

As mentioned before, the drill is optional, but strongly recommended. This means that you can go on live cases before taking your drill. However, using live cases to practice for your drill is not how we do things. If you do not feel confident that you have the routines down to take on the drill, you should probably not be going on live cases. Observe some of them instead, and learn from those how our workflow runs, and then do the drill before taking on live cases.

If anyone in the Fuel Rats suggests to you to undertake live cases to practice before taking the drill, point them to this page.

Certain old greybeard rats are designated OVERSEERS - one of these fantastic mythical beings will setup your drill and be in charge of your Fuelrat education until you are pure awesome-sauce™.

You can ask around if one is available, or wait til they spot you. It also helps to add [ND] or [Needsdrill] to your IRCnick followed by your platform (i.e. yourname[ND|PC] (with the command /nick yourname[ND|PC] for example).   

Overseers can be spotted in #ratchat due to their half-Op status (don't worry they're all bark and have no powers to worry about). Depending on your IRC client you can identify half-ops by a % preceding their nickname in IRC.  A list of overseers can also be found at  People Who Do Stuff 

Unofficial Training

This unofficial training can be especially useful for Ratlings before their drill, but in no way should make them feel pressured to complete their drill before they're ready.  As always, this training is 100% optional and voluntary. This training is not required in order to rat or dispatch.

Training Opportunities

Unofficial History and Fuel Rats in the Media...aka Media Rats

If you're really bored and want to learn more about our early days check this page out.

If you want to see some articles, interviews and videos featuring the Fuel Rats, look no further than here.