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Dispatch Information

Current CG Systems and other events

Reminder for new dispatchers: consider using a private group (PG) when rescuing a client in Community Goal systems or other systems with a high degree of CMDR activity.

Permit locked Systems and Regions: Permit-systems

Starter Area

The following systems are part of the access restricted starter area: Azoth, Dromi, Lia Fail, Matet, Orna, Otegine, Sharur, Tarnkappe, Tyet, Wolfsegen.

These systems can not be entered by accounts that have not started in them or have at some point chosen to leave them.

Fuel Rats Dispatch Board

The premiere tool for monitoring rescues!

Note: Now requires a drilled rat account to access.

Note: If the web board numbers no longer match the BOT's numbers, use "!reindex" in IRC to update the case numbers.

When to clear or md a case

Not sure when to !md or !clear a case, check this out: How to File Cases / When to !md, !invalid and !delete cases

When an invalid case happens, just use "!clear <case>"! REMEMBER: Always ensure there is an inject or a note explaining the situation of the case!

Mecha Now Has Tweet Functionality

Thanks to Edmonson for all of his effort keeping TweetSqueak functional. And thanks to Tivec, Mecha now has all of Tweety's functionality and more.

The preferred method for tweets should now be !tweetcase <case number|client nick> which will tweet a preformatted message including the case's platform and distance from the case's landmark system (i.e. Fuelum, Sol, Colonia, etc.). !tweet is still functional and can be used in the event that rats are needed for multiple cases (such as on Xbox or PS4).

See Mecha's Command Reference for more information.

Debriefs in Other Languages

If a client is using a E:D version that doesn't support Latin characters or needs a debrief translated by another Rat, the #debrief channel can be used in those cases. Please /part the channel after the debrief is completed.

We also have some dispatch and debrief manuals:



Calculating Supercruise Times

See this guide that Masterloon put together on calculating SC travel times for long distances

Use of MechaSqueak in IRC

Please check on the status of cases or get case information in PM with Mecha, whenever possible. Using !list or !quote in our public channels spams the channels with information that doesn't need to be there and can give anyone watching information about cases. Remember that Rats aren't necessarily the only ones who are in our channels.

Mecha can be accessed via PM by typing: /msg MechaSqueak[BOT], followed by the appropriate command such as list -i or quote <case>

Commands that are helpful to multiple Rats such as !search should be used in #ratchat for all to see. It also would be good experience to learn common system names, naming conventions and common client errors so that !search doesn't even need to be used.

Other News and Information


Our Stats are back!  Click here

Distant Worlds 2 (DWE2) SOP

SOP is updated for rescues related to DWE2: Distant Worlds Expedition 2 (DWE2) SOP

Fuel Rat Roundels

Check out the Fuel Rat's Honours page if you want a physical representation your service as as Fuel Rat.

Fuel Rat's Squadrons

To join the Fuel Rats squadron you must both apply in-game (FUEL) and fill out the form at using your Fuel Rats account. Please read the terms of squadron membership carefully. 

The Fuel Rat Colony - Colonia

Thanks to an unknown benefactor we now have a presence in Colonia. Specifically Rodentia, with the planetary station named Surly's Nest. Come visit and drop off your exploration data. Snickers are waiting in the back room.

Fuel Rats Decals

If you are eligible you can claim your decal code by logging into your rat account on our pages and punch in the button for it (but be gentle and punch it only once). Then reddeem the decal using the link below.

Code Redemption:


This unofficial training can be especially useful for Ratlings before their drill, but in no way should make them feel pressured to complete their drill before they're ready.  As always, this training is 100% optional and voluntary. This training is not required in order to rat or dispatch.

Training Opportunities

Fuel Rats' Pastebin

We have our own Pastebin:

Be sure to save the file and change the extension to .txt before sharing.

Have an idea you want to share?

Check these out:

The "I have a great idea" page

A technical look at SOP

If your idea isn't on those pages, submit a request for a new feature to Mecha, Website, or anywhere: Feature Request 

You'll need a JIRA account to submit a new feature:

Information to FDev on Wing Instancing Issues

FDev is investigating issues with wing insancing and has request verbose netlogs for any rescues where we experience issues. This will apply to PC, Xbox and PS4 rescues. Please follow these steps to support this effort:

  1. Follow the guide here: Instance Problem Reporting
  2. Report any instancing issues with clients using the procedure outlined in the guide, and submit an issue here

Volunteers and Help Wanted

Comment on the SOP: SOP Information

Help with the Background Simulation: BGS Information

Connect With Us on Social Media and Be Alerted

We maintain numerous social media and discussion based accounts that you should feel free to join and use to share your experiences or just to say hello to other rats.

We use the Fuel Rats Knowledge Base for relevant and updated information about rescues, updates to SOP, game patch notes, in game events and IRC maintenance to name but a few topics.

The Fuel Rats use Twitter for communication with the public and when in need of rats.  Follow @FuelRats and @FuelRatAlerts if you want to stay up to date.  Make sure to turn on mobile notifications for @FuelRatsAlerts if you want to be notified when rats are needed or if an LRR is in progress.  This is the account that's used by Dispatch to tweet for additional rats.

The Fuel Rats maintain an ongoing thread of the Official Forums, that follows our history and events from the very beginning: Forums

We also have subreddit r/fuelrats is open to the public and gives the public a venue to communicate with us on Reddit.

We also have collected a number of articles, audio interviews and videos featuring the Fuel Rats.  Fuel Rats in the Media

We also host Twitch streams, and anyone streaming Fuel Rat activities should follow these guidelines.  Remember your safety and that of our clients is a priority.  

See Fuel Rats in the Media and Read Our History (works in progress)

Fuel Rats in the Media


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