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This FAQ covers some general items about the new IRC network and associated services. Please have a look here before requesting assistance from the Tech Rats with an issue.

How do I register a IRC Nick?

 Registering IRC nicks

IRC Nicknames are registered through the webpage, NOT nickserv, as on normal networks. When you log on to the Fuel Rats website (under Profile > Overview), you are presented with an option on the right hand side where you can add IRC nicknames.

Important Note: These guides assume you are using the status window of IRC, and NOT any chat channels. The TechRats recommend to always use the main status channel when inputting passwords into IRC, just in case you forget a "/"!

Do not use /nickserv register!

The method below is the only way you can register nicknames on IRC. Do NOT use the NickServ REGISTER command on IRC. This will prevent you from being able to register the nick in the API, which in turn handles registering your nick with NickServ.

To register your first nickname: (DO THIS WITH A PLAIN NICKNAME WITHOUT ANY [TAGS])

  1. Log on to the FuelRats website. (Ensure that you have your CMDR(s) claimed)
  2. Hover over the weird face in top right corner and select "My Profile".
  3. If you're logged in to our IRC, log out or change your nickname to be different than the one you're trying to register.
  4. On the right side, you will see the IRC nicknames box. Enter your main nick (one that doesn't have any tags in it) into the first popup, click "Add". Input a password for this nickname and click "OK" to finish the registration of your first nick (if your nick has any spaces in it make sure to replace those with underscores "_").
  5. Log on to IRC. Ensure your nick is the same nick you just registered. (You can use "/Nick <Nick>" to change nicknames!)
  6. Once you change to your nickname (or you logged in under it), NickServ will ask you to identify. Use "/msg nickserv identify <your password>" to identify yourself.
  7. Make sure you see a message along the lines of "You are now identified for <nickname>".. If you have completed your drill, you should also see a message that your hostname of has been activated. If you are drilled, and you do not see this message, see the "Check your vhost!" box below.

To register all other subsequent nicknames: (Such as Rat[PC] or Rat[Work])

  1. Ensure you have first fully registered your base nickname with the instructions above.
  2. Return to your profile on the FuelRats website.
  3. If you're logged in to our IRC, change your nickname to be different than the one you're trying to register (changing it to your base nickname should be fine).
  4. Enter your subsequent nickname, including [tags], into the "Add a nickname..." box.
  5. Click "Add", then input the SAME password you used to register your base nickname above.
  6. Repeat for any further tags you wish to add.
  7. Check this has completed by using "/msg nickserv glist" in IRC. You should receive a message with all your registered nicknames, which should match those shown on the website.

Check your vhost!

Do a /whois of yourself (/whois <your nickname>) and check to make sure you have a line saying "Xxx is logged in as Xxxxx". If you do not, and whois still includes the "You are identified for this nick" line, you either have not yet completed your drill, or there is a problem with your account. If you are a recruit (i.e, you have not yet completed your drill), this is normal - your vhost generally doesn't get set until you have been drilled. If you are drilled, and still do not have the correct vhost, contact the Tech Rats through the Support page.

Identifying through SASL or SSL

Some clients support identification through SASL, which the Fuel Rats IRC network supports. Refer to Freenode's knowledge base on how to setup SASL for your particular client here

We also support SSL key fingerprints. If you set your client up with a SSL certificate, connect to the IRC server using the secure port (6697) and issue the command /msg nickserv cert add. Nickserv should report the certificate as added, and you will automatically identify when connecting. You can add multiple SSL certificates to Nickserv.

How do I setup my IRC Client?

 How to setup your irc client

We have basic IRC how-to guides located here

If you don't see a guide for your particular client on that page, most IRC Clients are well documented on their own respective websites.

What servers and ports are on the Fuel Rats Network?

 Server address and port Information

You can connect to our IRC network by connecting to the following address:

SSL (Recommended):
    Port: +6697

    Port: 6667

Refer to the documentation of your IRC client on how to connect to an IRC server if you're not sure how.

Connecting to a specific server.

We currently have two active IRC servers on our network. By default, the address will attempt to connect you to the server geographically closest to you. If you wish to connect to a specific server, you can use the server addresses below:

US Server:

EU Server:

Connecting via the web client

The Fuel Rats also has a Kiwi web clients through which rats can connect if they are out traveling. The client is at:

What is the significance of the '+' marker in the channels?

 '+' markers and "voiced" status

The + mark (Normally called 'voice' in IRC terminology) is applied to drilled rats to make it easier for Dispatch to see who is fully drilled and ready for being dispatched on rescues. If you have been drilled, but do not have the + in front of your nick, first check to ensure that you are identified with Nickserv. If you are, and a /whois of yourself says you have a hostmask of, please contact the Tech Rats here: .

All identified rats have a vhost applied to them, in the format <nickname>.* The * may be recruit, rat, techrat, overseer, op or netadmin. This identifies what rats have various roles on the network. Netadmins are techrats with network-wide IRC powers, and are able to help with issues such as not being able to connect, banning problematic users from the network, and so forth. Ops are the janitorial team of the channels, and usually help with maintaining the Mischief environment by removing problematic cats and reminding rats of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct when necessary.

What are the links Mecha gives out?

 MechaSqueak shortlink details

In general, links are simply shortened links. The links that show up in RatChat (and in PM, if dispatch clears the case by going !clear <nickname>) are direct links to unique pages generated for each case. Please do not edit a case’s details if it wasn’t yours.

I need to file paperwork for a case that was never on the bot.

 Unfiled paperwork help

If you need to file an old case or mecha was not operational, please contact xlexious on the IRC

I need to reset or change my IRC password

 IRC password changes

Resetting a password

To reset your password use the following command: /msg nickserv resetpass <nickname> <email>

Changing a password

To change your password use the following command from an identified nick: /msg nickserv set password <new-password>