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  • PEBKAC - When a rat or other visitor mistakenly raises a ratsignal, or improperly uses the !inject or !grab commands.
  • Duplicates - More than one case from the same client, usually caused by reconnecting using the IRC client in rescue mode, after the rescue has been cleared.
  • Clients who change their mind (such as make it to a station or scoopable star, reboot/repair or otherwise save themselves even with help from us) - without we dispatch dispatching rats to their case. If rats have been dispatched, it is a valid case (see above). 
  • Clients who immediately leave chat - Clients that start a rescue, but do not respond to our communications, or immediately leave IRC.
  • Clients who have pushed the wrong button - i.e, their intent was just to chat with us, but they did not understand the green button, or want to see how the system works.