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The Fuel Rats are all about helping other CMDRs in any way that we can.  And while many CMDRs are asking if we will become the Repair Rats with the introduction of Hull/Canopy Repair Limpets in 2.4, we don't expect the demand to be that great (this could certainly change depending on how the story and new game mechanics develop).  Almost all CMDRs in the bubble who need repairs will be able to reach the nearest station.  Explorers are certainly a different situation, and will be evaluated like any other case.  

We'll continue to review/revise this SOP after 2.4 is released.  Recent updates to SOP can be viewed on the Fuel Rats Knowledge Base.

How to handle repair cases:

  1. Treat all rescues as Fuel Rescues until additional information is known
  2. Once it's determined that repair is needed, confirm the following information with the client:
    1. That they're not located in a RES, CZ or other combat activity
    2. How much health their hull/canopy have
    3. Whether they have an equipped shield on their ship
    4. What type of ship they're flying
  3. Identify and confirm their distance to the nearest station they can dock at
  4. Evaluate items #2 and #3 above and determine if they can make it to the nearest station or not.  It's Dispatches call (as usual) on if rats should be sent or not.

Once it's been determined that the client doesn't need fuel and just repairs, the client should be moved to #ratchat as it's not a critical situation.  Only one rat needs to be sent to repair only cases.  With low hull health, and not needing fuel clients can power their systems and shields back up for safety.  It's also a good idea to have the client move away from any planet or other gravity so they're not forced to move to avoid further damage.

If clients are in a RES, CZ or other combat activity they need to leave that area before repairs can be conducted.  It's against our Ethos to participate in political or PvP activities, and repair limpets will fail if a ship takes damage during combat. Having them leave the combat zone helps keep us safe and avoid situations that can cause political situations.

Once the first repair limpet is successful, the rat should notify dispatch (they can use repair+ or whatever they want as notification).  Paperwork should be completed like any other rescue (see How to File Cases), but indicate in the notes that the case was a hull/canopy "repair".


Q: What repair limpet controller should be part of the basic Fuel Rat loadouts?

A: None, because hull/canopy repairs that can be completed with limpets are not time sensitive, they don't need to be a standard part of the ship loadout.  A refit is possible.  Of course Rats can carry whatever they want on their ships, but repair limpets aren't SOP equipment.

Q: Will repairs be handled using a separate button to enter the IRC chat?

A: No, we want to make sure that any time sensitive emergencies are addressed first.  Clients can simply tell us that they don't need fuel regardless of which channel they enter IRC through.

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  1. On one hand prepping the client is sensible from fuel economy and rat safety side, but on the other the client may feel quite scared to drop shileds when hull too is on low percentages...

  2. Assuming the case of an explorer; 

    Would it not make sense to ask them to jump towards the Rat to get repairs?

    1. Definitely could make sense depending on the state of the client and would fall under the case-by-case evaluation of the dispatch and Rat.

  3. Should repair missions be logged as success or other?

    1. See which hopefully covers most (all?) scenarios.

  4. If a client is fueled or otherwise provided with jumponium or repairs (i.e. Rescued) by Rat(s) file the case as a "Success".